Wellbeing and Engagement

Wellbeing and Engagement

Kineton People Program reminds us how important it is to produce value in the company, improve the internal climate, attract talent, and create engagement. No doubt, it is an uphill road but must absolutely be taken.

A few weeks ago, I read a publication of a research work dedicated to these issues by Gallup, an American company known for its opinion polls conducted around the world; according to the latest data :

  • 1 in 4 employees in the US reported feeling sad / depressed the previous day.
  • 28% experience burnout very often or all the time.
  • 7 in 10 people in the world are struggling or suffering in their life.

So I decided to clarify some aspects of well-being that relate to people’s engagement but are not directly proportional.

If other aspects of life aren’t doing well, you may be engaged and still go into burnout. However, the relationship exists.

Career well-being is the basis for the other elements of well-being. And engagement is the biggest driver of career wellbeing. For this reason, if any company wishes to increase engagement, it must consider all aspects of its people’s well-being.

There is no well-being without a good job and a satisfying career.

When companies take actions and programs to increase well-being and engagement, the effects are amplified and are mutually beneficial for both employees and company results.

what is meant by wellbeing?

It’s not just about fitness or eating well. It’s about how people’s lives go. Well-being includes all the important things to each of us and how we live our lives.“. Gallup

The concept of well-being is connected to the concept of “best possible life” and the verb ” thriving”, which we can translate to “prosper” or “flourish.”

The people who “thrive” in the company are happy and satisfied with their work, confident about the future, and have fewer health problems, stress, sadness, depression, and anger. They are the people who have the most hope, energy, interest, and respect.

the five elements of wellbeing

According to Gallup, there are five elements of well-being, five aspects that help a person live “the best possible life”. 

We talk about:

  1. Career well-being if you like what you do every day;
  2. Social well-being if you have meaningful friendships in your life;
  3. Financial well-being if you know how to manage your finances well;
  4. Physical well-being if you have the energy to do everything in your life;
  5. Community well-being if you live in a place where you feel safe and to which you donate part of your time or skills (give-back).

Career and social well-being are the basis for the other 3 elements because they help create the relationship of TRUST between person and company.

Realities like Kineton and programs like KPP improve career and social well-being: if people are satisfied with their career and social relations, they will be more satisfied with their lives.

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