Kineton: a future built on talent

The “War for talent”

Once upon a time, there was the so-called “War for talent”, namely the effort made by companies to grab the best people, the talents.

A war whose aim was to respond to the ambitious strategic plans of the business, and therefore, through the proposal of exorbitant salaries and fast career paths, they tried to snatch them from the market.

But the “War for talent” has not ended; on the contrary, it is still alive and current. In a market that wounded by the well-known pandemic that has been accompanying our lives for the last two years – is slowly recovering; what has unfortunately changed is, on the one hand, the effort that companies can put in (the pandemic has squeezed the finances of all companies), and above all, on the other hand, the mood of this new digital generation: the Millennials.

What are the needs of the Millennials when it comes to their profession?

The Millennials are now the beating heart of the working world. They are born with technology and are transforming it, thus also transforming the way they communicate and socialise; they are born into a more liberal world that leads them to have a different approach to life and also to the world of work, where they increasingly seek flexibility, informal personal relationships, a family atmosphere and attention to the individual (emotional well-being, work-life integration) as well as to talent itself (career opportunities and professional development).

And even more important will be understanding how and if the needs of Generation Z, which is slowly entering the working sphere, will evolve.

Kineton People&Talent Dpt

In this evolving landscape, Kineton is also conducting its own “war,” focusing more and more on the individual as well as talent, which is why it is transforming and re-organising internally.

One of the leading players in this re-organisation is the HR area: a team that is attentive to the person who is seen as a professional and above all as an individual, hence the name of the new function: People&Talent Department.

One of the first challenges of this new area is implementing a large-scale recruitment plan to deal with the company’s exponential growth, which has seen the number of people increase by ten since 2017.

In fact, we have scheduled a plan of events to seek out mainly recent graduates to whom the company offers specialised on-the-job training, i.e., based on the so-called LEARN BY DOING. Ideal candidates should have an excellent academic record, but personal attitudes are also very important. There are also several open positions for more experienced resources.

But our efforts don’t stop there. In order to retain our talent, we have developed a plan to strengthen feedback.

By now, feedback is inherent, and we live it every day, every moment. Just think of social media where we often look forward to it because it allows us to understand how we are seen externally and how we can improve; think of its literal meaning (feedback), that is, a response, an opinion on something that has been and that can influence our future behaviour.

We believe that only through continuous feedback we can increase people’s motivation, thus improving behaviour and performance and therefore improving our productivity.

Moreover, by constantly collecting feedback from our people and aligning it with our business, we actually involve them in company decisions to build together the company of the future.

But that’s just the beginning…

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