New horizons: the Motor Valley

Kineton has a deep knowledge and expertise in the Automotive industry. Its growth is strongly linked to the development of new technologies in the automotive market as Kineton proposes itself as a technological partner for companies in this industry to develop new technologies.

Emilia Romagna is full of opportunities for the automotive industry; the heart of this region is called Italian Motor Valley because there are a lot of companies that represent the past, the present, and the future of this sector.

In Emilia Romagna, there are many OEM and Tier1 suppliers: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ducati, Dallara, Pagani, CNH, Silk-FAW, Marelli, Metasystem, and others. It means that there are a lot of opportunities for Kineton. 

So, as a natural consequence of its growth and interests, the engineering company will open a new branch in the Motor Valley in March 2022

This new office will be the competence center and the strategic solution for Kineton to expand its business in that area.

Based on previous consideration, Kineton engineers in Reggio Emilia will support the development lifecycle for a hypercar of an important international car manufacturer.

Kineton engineers will execute the system integration testing and component testing for all the Electronic Control Units and for the overall electronic architecture of the vehicle (in this article we don’t describe the details of this activity because we made this description in the past).

Kineton site in Motor Valley is not only a location to execute engineering activities, but it will be the hub where Kineton can merge all the competencies and capabilities and a house for the engineers located in Emilia Romagna.

We are the owner of our future and we will build our future step by step: this is the first important step for the growth of the Kineton family in Motor Valley.

My best wishes for this new adventure to all members of this company.

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